4 In 1 Joy-Con Charger Dock Station Charge Stand Holder With USB Cable

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Smart IC chip for safe fast charging:
Individual LEDs indicate the charge status for each Joy-Con.
Red when charging and green when fully charged.
LED flash slowly when high voltage or low voltage protection.

Overcharge protection:
When faced with overcharge,
Over discharged or short circuit,
The intelligent circuit can automatically cut off the power for safety.
No need to worry the safety when you are out or sleep over the night.

Innovative safe circuit design:
Adopt saltatory charging solution,
To protect Nintendo switch dock when charging for 4 Joy-Cons from Nintendo switch dock make sure the current from Nintendo switch dock below 500mA, keep switch dock off burned and damaged.

Compatible with Switch Joy-Con handles for a more affordable and high performance design.
Charging and unplugging is convenient and smooth, reducing the wear of the original handle.
Intelligent charging: current limiting, voltage limiting, overcurrent protection, low voltage protection, high voltage protection, short circuit protection.
Standard USB power supply, you can charge the handle anytime, anywhere.
When the Switch Joy-Con handle is offline, the charging indicator on the charger can let the consumer know the charging status (the original handle does not have a charging indicator).

What is in the box:
1 x 4in1 Charger Dock

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