X5 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Ultra-Thin Mini Silent Office Keyboard For Tablet Laptop

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Bluetooth 3.0, compatible with 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 Bluetooth devices
Energy supply: dry batteries (double AAA batteries)
With power switch, you can turn off the power when not in use to save power.
Ultra-thin design, body thickness is only 6.7mm
The keys use scissor foot structure, the mechanical keyboard feels very good
Beautiful appearance, fashionable and extremely delicate.
Compatible with Apple computers. All IPAD models, Apple systems, Microsoft systems, Android systems. No drivers required, as long as they have Bluetooth capabilities, they can be installed directly
For tablet . mobile, computer etc.

Bluetooth connection method:
Turn on the power switch (ie, turn the switch from OFF to NO), it will light blue when the power is turned on normally (3 seconds left)
Right rear will automatically go out)
Turn on the power and then turn on the Bluetooth pairing switch Fn+C key, Bluetooth pairing, the indicator light will display blue light after the switch is turned on.
Flashing and flashing, this means that Bluetooth can be paired and connected.
After the keyboard Bluetooth is turned on, then the Bluetooth on the machine is turned on (usually in the settings), the Bluetooth of the machine
After opening, search for Bluetooth on the Bluetooth keyboard (generally display Bluetooth Keyboard English). Then click on the connection.
(Do not lose the pairing password), if the connection is successful, it will show that you can use the Bluetooth keyboard when connected. If you are prompted to connect unsuccessfully, you can follow the steps again.

What's in the box:
1 x Wireless Keyboard

210216105229-White (Out of stock)

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